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What is Compost?

Compost is decayed organic material and in simple terms can be considered a soil amendment. It makes a big improvement in soil structure, leading to increased biological activity. Adds Organic Matter to the soil which improves soil structure, aeration, soil moisture-holding capacity, and water infiltration.
Slow release of nitrogen is compost's most important asset.


We are Karachi based dairy farmers who do not let our waste pollute the environment. We gather waste and unused materials for composting, the result is a valuable soil amendment ready to be utilized in lands for agricultural use, by gardeners, landscaping professionals and so on and so forth.

We wish to see Pakistan's agribusinesses thrive. We want to create livelihood for small-scale farmers, facilitate them, help the industry adopt modern practices and while moving forward sustainably into the future. We wish to remove exploitation of land and labor in this industry by forming integrated solutions--for investors--that fulfill the requirements of the market, poor farmers and preserve the soil health.

Understand all issues that are stunting the progress of agribusinesses, and involve all well-meaning social activists and industry experts to provide comprehensive solutions to the business community which are economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally sustainable.

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Bukhari Dairy & Cattle Farm–Opp. Gulshan-e-Hadeed,Mian National Highway, Pipri – Karachi


Mobile No 1 : 03458278126
Mobile No 2 : 03458278127